Auto rickshaws, commonly known as three-wheelers, are a popular form of transportation in many parts of India. With their ubiquitous presence on roads, auto rickshaws have emerged as an innovative advertising medium for brands looking to reach a mass audience in a cost-effective manner.

Auto rickshaws were first introduced in India in the 1950s as an affordable means of public transport. Over the decades, their numbers grew exponentially in cities across the country. Today there are estimated to be around 5 million auto rickshaws plying the streets of India.  

Auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai typically involves wrapping the exterior body with vinyl prints or posters. Brands can also place panels with lightboxes showcasing their ads inside the auto. Compared to conventional outdoor advertising, auto rickshaw advertising has high visibility and offers repeated exposure as these vehicles traverse densely populated routes daily. 

According to industry estimates, auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai can deliver over 100,000 imprints a day per vehicle. With their presence across urban and rural markets, auto rickshaw advertising offers advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to reach a wide spectrum of consumers repeatedly. The affordability and flexibility of these moving billboards have made auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai one of the most popular OOH media choices for Indian brands. We are also known for being the best tricycling advertising agency in Mumbai.


Benefits of Advertising on Auto Rickshaws

Auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai provides several benefits that make it an attractive out-of-home advertising medium:

High visibility on roads
With vibrant designs and colors, auto rickshaw ads stand out on busy city roads. This gives them high visibility amongst pedestrians, riders and drivers in the area.

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Trends in Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Over the years, auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai has evolved from simple text or image-based ads to full wrapping of the exterior body. Brands are getting more creative to grab consumer attention on the move. Some key trends shaping auto rickshaw advertising today include:

Shift from simple ads to full-wrapping
Previously, brands would just put a sticker or board with basic information. Now, exterior full wrapping of the auto rickshaw with brand messaging and visuals has become popular. This offers more real estate and impact.

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Regulations for Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Mumbai

Advertisers looking to utilize auto rickshaws as an advertising medium in India need to be aware of certain regulations and limitations. Unlike other outdoor advertising formats, auto rickshaw ads are subject to specific legal requirements due to the nature of the vehicles.

  • Legal permissions from local authorities are required before any ads can be placed on auto rickshaws. Advertisers need to obtain the required licenses from the local municipal corporation or transport authority in the city.
  • There are restrictions on the type of content and imagery that can be used in auto rickshaw ads. Objectionable, indecent or overly provocative visuals are prohibited. The ads cannot promote products like alcohol or tobacco which have advertising restrictions.
  • Driver consent is mandatory before putting up any ads on his auto rickshaw. The vehicle owners have to agree to carry the ad campaigns on their vehicles. Drivers often seek a monthly rental fee to carry external advertising on their vehicles.

By understanding the rules and limitations, advertisers can work effectively with local partners to create campaigns that work within the regulatory framework for auto rickshaws in India. Ads crafted creatively while conforming to the guidelines can provide good visibility and recall.

Impactful Creative Samples of Auto Rickshaw Advertising

  • McDonald’s printed a giant pic of a burger on the back of an auto with the text “Abhi bhookh laga hai!” (Hungry now?). The massive visual and clear call-to-action worked well.
  • A local jeweler printed a close-up visual of gold earrings on the back along with “Meenakshi Jewellers – 500m ahead on the left”. The bold visual stands out.
  • An auto advertising a laundry service said “Dhul se chhutkara post office ke paas” (Freedom from dirt near the post office). The rhyming text and local reference created recall.

The key is balancing creativity and legibility. Auto rickshaw ads only have a few seconds to attract attention, so the design should be uncluttered, high-contrast and text minimal. With smart placement and creative that balances impact and clarity, auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai can effectively reach local audiences. footfall locations make them a promising promotion channel when executed and measured well.

Future of Auto Rickshaw Advertising

The future of auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai looks exciting as new technologies open up more options for brands. Here are some key trends to watch out for:

Innovation with LED and Digital Screens
Brands will increasingly leverage LED screens and digital displays on the back and sides of auto rickshaws. These digital mediums allow for video and audio advertising, dynamic content that can be changed in real-time, and integration with mobile and location-based tech for contextual and targeted messaging. Advertisers are already experimenting with LED screens on bikes and bicycle rickshaws, and will likely expand into auto rickshaws soon.

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