Are you ready to make a bold statement in Mumbai’s bustling advertising landscape? Look no further than our hoarding advertising in Mumbai. At CrownMedia, we specialize in delivering impactful outdoor advertising solutions that capture attention, drive engagement, and leave a lasting impression.

Hoarding advertising also recognized as outdoor or out-of-home (OOH) advertising encompasses large-format advertising displayed strategically, positioned at high-traffic locations. Our hoarding advertising in Mumbai, range from small posters to expansive billboard-style displays, feature vibrant imagery, concise text, and compelling calls-to-action. With our strategic placement expertise at Crown Media, we ensure that your brand gets maximum exposure in high-traffic areas across Mumbai. Whether it’s a prime location near a busy intersection, a major highway, or a popular shopping district, we’ll find the perfect spot to showcase your message. Crown Media also excels as a Newspaper advertising agency in Mumbai.

Hoarding advertising in Mumbai has become an essential component of many marketing campaigns due to its unique benefits:

Broad reach
Hoardings are placed in public spaces with high footfall, enabling advertisers to reach a large and varied audience effectively.

The large format guarantees high visibility and brand impact. Creative visuals and messaging on hoardings have a greater likelihood of capturing consumer attention.

Hoardings can be adapted to showcase different creative designs, messages, or campaigns in a dynamic manner. Their modular nature also means they can be set up temporarily for specific events or occasions.

Hoarding advertising in Mumbai offers an efficient cost-per-impression compared to other traditional media. Hoardings provide extensive reach to a wide audience for a relatively low cost.

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Our hoarding advertising in Mumbai is composed of creative professionals dedicated to redefining outdoor media. With extensive experience across the marketing and communications industry, our team brings fresh perspectives, inventive concepts, and a commitment to excellence. 

We create cutting-edge hoarding campaigns tailored to meet our clients’ strategic branding and business goals. Our ambition is to deliver innovative and visually impactful outdoor advertising solutions that get noticed and generate results. By partnering with us, brands can maximize their marketing ROI while making a memorable visual impact on their target consumers.

Recent Trends in Billboard Advertising in Mumbai

In recent years, the landscape of outdoor and out-of-home (OOH) commonly also known as billboard advertising has experienced significant expansion. With the increasing prevalence of digital screens in public spaces and the declining cost of traditional static billboards, brands are redirecting a greater portion of their advertising budget towards OOH channels.

Digital formats, including digital billboards and hoardings, are particularly gaining traction in the industry. Digital OOH provides unique capabilities such as dayparting, contextual messaging, and real-time adaption, rendering outdoor ads more adaptable, targeted, and measurable. Our hoarding advertising in Mumbai specializes in leveraging these innovative digital formats to deliver impactful campaigns for our clients.

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Hoarding Advertising in Mumbai Overview

Hoarding advertising, also known as billboard advertising, refers to large format outdoor advertising displays that are installed on buildings and walls. Hoardings come in different sizes, typically ranging from 50-1,000 square feet

Hiring us as your hoarding advertising in Mumbai can have several advantages compared to other outdoor advertising formats:

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High visibility and impact
Hoardings stand out with their large sizes, eye-catching designs, and strategic placements. This gives brands high visibility and impact.

Hoardings come in different sizes so advertisers can choose the size appropriate for their needs and budget. Creative designs are also very flexible.

Broad reach
Placed along busy roads, highways, and urban areas, hoardings reach a large audience. The repetitive exposure as commuters pass by multiple times creates top-of-mind brand awareness.

Cost effective
Hoardings provide a lower cost per impression compared to other mass media like print and TV. The production costs are also comparatively lower.

High dwell time
Hoardings placed in traffic junctions and congested areas have a high dwell time as motorists wait at signals. This allows greater attention to the advertisement message.

Printing and Materials used for Billboard Advertising

The materials used for hoarding ads can greatly impact their visibility, longevity and cost. Vinyl and flex are two popular printing substrates for outdoor banners.

Vinyl offers vibrant colors and durability
It is also flame retardant, waterproof, and weather resistant. High-quality vinyl hoarding ads can last 1-2 years with proper maintenance.

Flex (or fab) is lightweight and economical
It is good for short-term campaigns of 1-3 months. The ink bleeds more on flex material compared to vinyl.

Other factors like the weight, opacity, and finishing (matte or gloss) also affect the look, durability, and cost. An experienced hoarding ad agency will recommend the optimal materials for your specific needs.

Costs for Hoarding Advertising

The cost of a hoarding advertising campaign depends on several factors:

Size of the hoarding
Larger hoardings that are highly visible from far away tend to cost more than smaller ones. Standard hoarding sizes are 4m x 3m, 6m x 3m, 8m x 4m, 10m x 5m etc. The larger you go, the higher the price.

Duration of campaign
Longer campaign durations lasting 1-2 months will be more affordable on a per day basis compared to shorter 7 day or 15 day campaigns. 

Production costs
The design, printing and installation costs for the vinyl or flex print ads will add to the overall expense. Complex creative designs could increase production costs.

Placement location
Prime locations with heavy foot and vehicle traffic will be more expensive than less trafficked areas. Hoardings near airports, metro stations, bus stops and major roads attract more eyeballs and therefore command a premium.

Illuminated and digital hoardings will carry higher rental fees but offer the benefit of 24/7 visibility.

Inventory availability
High demand public events or seasons may make prime spots difficult to book. Less inventory means advertisers pay higher rates.

The actual pricing is quite flexible and negotiable depending on the package, inventory and relationships. Brands should get quotes from multiple vendors, including billboards advertising, before deciding. Reputable hoarding agencies will offer affordable and transparent pricing tailored to the campaign goals and budgets.

Why Choose Us as your Hoarding Advertising Agency

Crown Media is one of the established industry leaders in billboards advertising domain, who have sustained years of success bringing brands to life in the outdoors, we have the creative vision, strategic thinking, and big picture expertise you need to run an exceptional hoarding advertising campaign. Here are some of the key reasons to choose our agency:

Vast collective experience
Our hoarding advertising have a diverse team of creative directors and strategists. They have decades of combined experience in outdoor advertising, branding, visual communication, and campaign strategy. We have launched successful hoarding ads for clients in every industry.

Custom strategies
We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our billboards advertising agency will conduct in-depth research into your brand, target audience, competition, and objectives to develop a creative strategy and media plan tailored for you. Our strategic thinking has given many brands their most successful outdoor campaign.

Proven results
Our campaigns deliver real results against KPIs from brand lift to leads, sales, and ROI. We’ll work closely with you to set benchmarks and track campaign success.

Award-winning creative team
Our designers and copywriters have been recognized many times over for excellence in concept, art direction, and messaging in hoardings and other outdoor formats. We will bring our full talent and inspiration to creating your campaign.  

Data-driven insights
Our billboards advertising uses the latest tools and technologies such as geolocation data, digital performance metrics, and pedestrian/traffic analysis to gain actionable insights. You’ll know what’s working and optimize accordingly.

One agency for all OOH
We are equipped as a full-service hoarding advertising to execute hoardings as part of a multimedia OOH strategy encompassing formats like billboards, street furniture, transit, and more. Our expansive reach and capabilities make us a true one-stop outdoor partner.

Whether you’re a new brand launching your first outdoor campaign or an established company ready to elevate your brand presence, Crown Media as one of the best hoarding advertising in Mumbai can help you with the strategic vision and expertise to create breakthrough hoarding ads that captivate audiences and deliver results.

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